Adsense Ban Reasons

Important Adsense Ban Factors.

Google adsense is the one of the best and most important Ad network for any Blogger or website .Getting adsense is as easy as 123.yes getting adsense approval  is very easy.Now a days google is declaring Adsense account to every blog which have a decent amount of traffic from 30-60 visitors per day or 500 visitors atleast per month.I have discussed everything about google adsense simple approval tips and tricks on following any body can get a adsense account untill their website is banned from google adsense policy.Here are the post i recommend everybody to read after reading this important post on adsense account ban important rule.

Google have very sophisticated Algorithm which can identify any activity which is against adsense policies.Adsense group have even updated its technology to separate the click frauds from the actual IP address of the website owner.

Now adsense is mostly working in Eradicating websites which violate adsense policies ,but from most of them the biggest adsense policy breaker  to block adsense account is pirated Stuff.Soo many bloggers have misconception that ADSENSE PIRATED STUFF means copied content or copyscaped content.If in this case google have to blog big giant websites like quora,disqus, and some discussion based networks where users are free to copy paste content from all resources.In these websites users paste whole content from websites while they share .If duplicate content is surely a policy denial then giant websites should close their services.

There are some rules where adsense give more importance and from them the important rule is PIRATED STUFF.Bloggers keep pirated stuff to share like torrents , cracked softwares ,cracked themes,tools to increase their social appearance and engage with visitors.This makes the other organisations a sure waste of time and money .Hence the organisation or companies which don’t want their online software products which are cracked not to get notice by users want search engines to ban their search or stop crawling websites which do pirated stuff.Now not crawling webpages which provide pirated stuff is huge work and needs separate algorithm which makes search engines develop and invest more money.In order to protect online service organisations and their products Google took further step to decline and ban adsense accounts to those websites which provide crack stuff ,pirated stuff to people online .

Here is the image of search result of google when i searched LINDA TORRENTS.Torrents is a peer-peer file exchange website used all over the world.Some results are removed due to DMCA complaint and they don’t even want their page want to crawl.

Here is another story of website (TEACHERHUTDOTCOM)which provides cracked SEO TOOLS,THEMES ESPECIALLY,PLUGINS of wordpress who have no right to supply.In earlier this website had google adsense approved but when he started provided copyright stuff for free they got ban from adsense .

we see most of the adsense ban policy are with

  • Encouraging clicks
  • Invalid clicks and impressions
  • Ad behavior
  • Ad placement
  • Privacy

These are mostly declined by bloggers but even won’t get ban,if adsense goes on banning all these websites the adsense will no more remain in the field and goes as flop in the tide of time.


At last the main reason according to google adsense ban are

1. INVALID AND FRAUD CLICKS (60% gets banned)

2. Due to copyright pirated Stuff(40% gets banned.)

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