All About Bit Torrents

What are torrents

In this post you will learn all basics about torrents sharing ,illegal stuff and how this works.who do this ,why they do this ,how they do this,Advantages and Disadvantages of using stuff downloaded from Torrents share etc…

Bit torrents is a special application which is built for downloading torrent files which contains all types of files with them including movies,songs,pirated stuff,cracks,hacks etc..

What makes Bit torrents Alive

This is the main and key question soo many people generally ask in forums.Bit torrents is still alive due to it is the army of several shares.Only sharing is the power which is keeping Bit torrents Alive .Once sharing is gone every thing is over.The more sharing Users are the more bit torrents will long live.If you are a developer or any programmer then you will definitely hate Torrents because no one can exactly say who is the real culprit behind this.If you are a Reverse engineering coder and like to break the security of applications which have trial versions or In app-puchases within it then Torrent platform is the best because there will be no fear of getting caught if you share in torrents which you cracked .If the same cracked application is kept in your blog the culprit can easily identified and can be caught.

How bit torrents or Utorrents work

Most of the people use Torrents for downloading stuff like pirated movie copies ,pirated stuff ,cracked version games etc…Torrents is a peer to peer networks which change their nodes of connection time to time.The server itself is very difficult to find because it uses all the open ports which are open to sharing with outer world so we can access torrents every time even their servers are down .

A bit torrent file contains some chunks of pieces of data shared from soo many people.

It is mostly suitable for Broadband users or people who are having better Dial up connections.This is because downloads do not come in a large bulk data from a single user a wide range of bandwidth is needed to extract the data from internet .

If you are downloading a file of 200 MB it may contain 100 to 2000 data pieces which may or may not be in size of Kb’s .Your speed also based upon the no of people sharing and the seeders.Seeders are those who keep on sharing ,they may have connection in 100 Mb.

The season of piratebay is over as it got shutted down by a government for extensive and intensive reasons of security affairs.And now its data base is again scattered by other torrent sites .

There are soo many Torrent clients which share files online .I will explain with Azureus Torrent client which is the best i have ever seen .Most of the other torrent clients will burn up your cpu extremely som times 100% usage which makes your pc slow down.

The most common algorithms we come across any torrents file are 

Added | Name | Filesize | Seeds | DLs

we will have a look around these one by one  in brief


This gives general info of fie uploaded on which date,Time,location <very rare>.




The more the trees the more the fruits and other new trees,in the same way the more the sharing ,the more the downloading the more it is alive and available.


They are also one of the reason for torrents being alive,they are mostly downloaders.

Advantages And Disadvantages

There are advantages and also negatives here but they balance each other and we can’t even tell to  which we can support.

While using torrents as it is shared by others world wide ,there can be harm of virus to pc’s .Even the worst case is there will be a threat to security of your privacy .Any hacker can load virus and can control your pc .

If you want any software and it worth more than your budget then this is beat option for downloading working softwares for free and use as full version for free.

More secure than any other file sharing system ,if you want to share something anonymously with public that even relates to government .

The torrents hosters make billions of dollars every year by sharing and advertising even some sites share money with users.

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