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 Are you planning for web hosting ,then stop for a while today i am going to show you some web hosting companies which provide you good hosting all for free of cost and also very reliable.Don’t take them as silly ..I my self hosted my other 12 domains with only one web hosting company.

I am generally going to explain only 2 free hosting providers, and explain you various advantages and disadvantages in those.Generally ,people think that free web hosting are not reliable and even can stole our data .But this is not true,if you take care of your .htaccess file carefully no body can change your files(click here to see how important is .htaccess file and how to protect them) offcourse they can bring down your website.I personally recommend you to have one of their free webhosting services in order to have practice instead of making experiments on main websites whenever you are going to do something you really don’t know the result.

The two free web hosting providers are



There are many other but not much good at their service .Even 000webhosting is not even good but their instant access and reliable services are loved by soo many hackers such that whenever they plan to attack phishing and webtesting 000webhosting is used.Even i use it for testing webapplications such as plugins vulnerability,loopholes with various tools and scripts.

While coming to they are very good ,flexible gives you 99% uptime even i myself hosted my 12 domains on them.I can tell you with 100% confident that they are good and even better than paid hostings.

let’s see difference between free web hostings 000webhsting and 5freehosting services.

000webhosting is providing free webhosting  services are not good because they can block you if u are getting huge traffic and they replies you that due to not obeying their policies they cancelled your account,even you have not done Anything wrong and if you created great content and are going to loose everything ,and i suggest its better to keep some backup.

Keep atleast one such website and practice whenever you are going to do something different.And this comes very handy when we want to install any type of themes which are cracked or paid one we got from other websites even if the scan engines cant detect any type of virus or dangerous script in it hidden.we can’t take risk with our money site,so while doing anything different i suggest you not to directly upload any plugin or theme whatever to your website ,it is better to keep a scapegoat in order to save ourself.

what is main Advantage?

If you are really in potential status i recommend you to make any small donation to them for their services.Free web hosting services made our work easy without any jeopardy,I have done mine. Some times the online stuff can contain hidden backdoors even scan engines cant verifiy or identify them ,these are due to cryptors.A clever hacker make use of cryptors to hide their virus or code in untempered signatures.While scanning if you are a normal internet user and you don’t have any type of idea on viruses ,backdoors,trojans you think those are very good and you will go to use them .I even suggest you to learn even something about those type of files which runs automatically in your pc and provides your valuable info to attacker this is done with RAT which i will explain in my next post so be stay tuned and like any of our social websites to get them directly in your dashboard.


Soo many people don’t like free hosting because we can’t contact free web  hosting providers if anything happened.So then why won’t you turn it to your favour.

Here are some point why are these and how are these helpful

1. you can examine various CMS platforms like DRUPAL,JOOMLA ,SITEBUILD and FORUMS like  VBULLET, PHPFORUM etc…This is only provided in redily so make sure you have a hosting account with them.

2. We can give a try to various themes and pugins which we get them online even they are paid for free.I suggest you to first of all upload any theme you want to try in free hostings websites because these are free and we are not getting loose anything.And don’t post genuine content here ,spin content or copy paste the content.Notice if any extra links even from free hosting providers automatically are getting opened from your site,Because soo many plugins or themes which we get them for free install a ping back link which opens itself whenever we click on any links or opens with constant time say for every 10 minutes.OR observe whether any changes are made without your approval or any links are redirecting to other site which you didn’t gave by your own.Observe whether any body is copying content from your blog using ,generally what happens is when you create a good amount of content attackers copy all your content any delete your database after they pasted in their website.

These steps you have to take atleast for 2-3 weeks to observe changes ,if nothing major or minor changes observed you can use them in your money site.

If you are a SECURITY RESEARCHER then you can use this type of websites to test your skills rather than scanning other websites and felling into pit of problems.With these free hosting services and websites on them you can even modifiy parameters and test them and can create patch for them ,in return if this is successful you will offered with bounty for helping them and good reputation too.I will even explain how to research for BUGS in websites in my upcoming posts. This is very good practice for testing all your cruelty ,skills ,power ,knowledge .you can test for Xss vulnerabilities,Can do DDOS attacks,Test for SQL INJECTION ETC..what can’t you do….

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