Can Any Computer Be Completely Secure

Can We Be completely Secure

In the world of Internet and Information Technology it is a big question even now a days .Can’t we really provide complete security ,is it really possible .Let us have a look around ourself ,if you are a game lover and always  keep interest in playing games then you would have come across some security issues like Antivirus software disturbing us while playing indicating us not to play the downloaded game as it contains some hidden virus in it. If you are aware of security related topics such as malware and botnet which turns our computer as a bot ,by some automated scripts then you removes it and leave the game .But in the case of people who are no voice to security related problems like File binded with automated tool or virus which gives whole control of the system compromised by RAT binded with it.These people actually don’t care warning of Antivirus softwares and even shut it down for some time untill they finish the game.But the time when the antivirus is shutted down the attacker can easily gain controls of victim computer who downloaded his malwared game ,he will become a BOT and the attacker can even sell them in Black market.

If you observe here there are two issues

1. want to play the game

2. Antivirus detected it as virus which can link us to other computer which is a high risk of loosing valuable information if stored on computer.

Now you have a game and also security problem ,if you want to really play game you can think that  by disabling the internet while playing or installing the software but you  are wrong actually ,the attacker can grab your all data in seconds when you got attached to their system,even the worst case is even you shutdown pc and again started after some time the RAT again gets attached to attacker system.

If you choose for security then you have to leave the game and totally remove from the system.

Let us apply this to any corporate multinational company

A company which has some security measures to undertake while their work are Not to give complete  internet privileges  such as using fb,Gmail ,other social networks or surfing internet through their computers.But by undergoing these they are not giving their employees to gain knowledge from online to complete their project in the fear being compromised and leak out of information or due to internal security issue such as intruders who betray their company and reveal the secrets to other companies for money.  While coming to functionality ,in some companies it is also restricted to download or install some other softwares other than they provided because of having chances of being hacked out with even vulnerability in software and get compromised.


If the ball is completely at the SECURITY side then there will be very difficult for a company to compete their projects and access to other world by internet or any other means,why because we are not letting any tool to use which is surely a HIGH INVESTMENT MATTER FOR COMPANIES.


If the ball moves to EASY OF USE then there is a very high chances of being compromised and leak out of valuable,this is not good practice even the work of company will be accelerated by giving full freedom to employees to use any thing to complete their work.


Functionality refers to availability and use of information within the members and employees of company ,even for the small category employee like assistance ,receptionist etc…who can have access to transfer valuable data within the premises of company.

These all elements of security are focussed on confidentiality, integrity, availability.

CIA depends on all the three factors of triangle.When the ball is in the middle of the triangle balancing every case then a company will be safe and secure at maximum levels.But to balance the ball in the middle is not an easy task.

Hence ,the total security for any company or corporation is not possible,untill and unless we have to loose something in that triangle.

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