Google Warns Non-friendly mobile sites

Non-friendly Mobile sites Got bad news Update from Google

Google is planning to be the top search engine Giant after loosing his support from well trusted Browser Firefox ,google even having its own madeup browser Google chrome ,even though it already laid its foundations in field of Search Engine i think google thought its roots are getting plucked out from their standards.

After yahoo ,updated its Bussines shares with making few changes like Pulling out CEO of google ,Introducing more convenient searchable Iphone application (Simmly),Getting tied up with Firefox as default Search Engine ,google got its Alert message of uprooting to hang Outofbussiness site.Even though this is not possible even all the search engines in the web got combined and attacked google ,no body can get it down,but can decrease its shares and functionality from users.

In order to give its users more sophisticated view of their search result,google have seriously warned websites which are not mobile friendly,even though how good they are in Rankings.

Google even now going to add a label in its SERPS as this


Google warned those websites which are not user friendly on mobiles ,in order to give users more flexibility to search and view google said they had taken this decision,it noted GOOGLE WON’T INDEX THE SITES WHICH ARE NOT MOBiLE FRIENDLY.

Penalty for non-friendly mobile Websites

Non-friendly mobile websites will surely get soo much of damage due to googles new update,this update don’t even effect the websites which don’t even have one backlink or any other specifications.It only affects the websites which are non-friendly with mobile view with less resolution 480 px.

It informed they will completely stop the crawl of those website which are not user friendly and discontinue their services.

 How to create mobile Friendly Websites

After this update every body must and should run for mobile friendly system to keep their website ranking at top.

Mobile friendly websites must have some specifications and they do differ in functionality and user view from real desktop performance.As about 65% of the internet users mostly use ipads,iphones and androids google is also one of the mobile platform giant ,it recommends some nice features for websites to be on top of google.

1. Never use iframes ,Gif animation ,Flash banners for creating ADS or caching attention which are enemies of mobile sites .This extensively Use JavaScript making crawlers go mad all together also effecting Seo and mobile friendly view.

2. Never use Banners which are larger than post paddling Area,this eventually make website loading slow .

3. Use google mobile sitemaps plugin if you are using WordPress ,which readily converts your site into mobile friendly especially for crawlers.

4.Google recommends Responsive web design for websites to be mobile friendly.In order to make your site mobile friendly you need not have to get a premium website layout such as genius frameworks any good layout which compartible to google policies will be setted as mobile friendly.

5.Links in the websites must be reduced in order to make websites suitable for mobile use ,more links can render crawlers and makes them confuse.

6.check your websites every month or at regular times for mobile friendly at this google site

7. Don’t use popups or forced popups such as Emails subscription while users are in mobile this leads to migration of user to other website and this is clear indication of non-friendly mobile website for google.

8. ADD MOBILE URLS TO YOUR SITEMAP or use a good mobile sitemaps plugin if using CMS like wordpress.

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