How do Plugins Affect Your Site Load Time

Plugins can effect your wordpress site a lot

Do you know wordpress site loading can be effected by your plugins too.Many new bloggers just install whatever new plugin they see to test them but one should know that plugins can effect speed of loading a lot more.If loading speed is effected it can also effect your rankings in google frontpage and suggestion .

we will now see how can we effectively increase load time of your wordpress site with minimal plugins.

How do Plugins Work?

Plugins are one of the main part in wordpress design and working features.Wordpress first loads its main core files then plugins to show the additional features.

How  Plugins Affect  wordpress Load Time?

Each wordPress plugin have different functions and features.Some plugins have  file calls on the backend while others load   on the front-end such as CSS , JavaScript files, images, etc. Database queries and  assets adds up to your  load time a lot.plugins make an  request like HTTP to load  scripts, CSS, and images. Every request increases  site’s  load time.If not properly installed, the performance impact is often not good.If you are using more than 5 plugins  which make  too many http requests to load files ,  it will affect site’s performance and eventually decreases flexibility with users.

Max No of  Plugins are Many?

There is no limit like minimum and maximum for plugins .It depends on various factors as it can take into account of CDN network if any used with site.If there is no CDN there will be more time lag where content delivery networks make it lot more faster making the site performance more than 4 times its normal loading speed.

A single plugin can load upto 12-15 files depending upon requests it makes for loading a wordpress page.A best plugin is that which makes cache of its files and restricts its files loading every time a new page is requested.

How to Keep Plugins in Control?

There is no single one stop solution for this but we can make this with two step process which make plugins not get loaded or take most of the sources of hosting bandwidth.

1.Use of CDN is definitely a prior one

2.using caching  option is also a best thing to do.

Hosting providers servers also make a notable difference in loading a wordpress or any site .If hosting uses a less memory hosting servers to host you website it will eventually drop you in low performance of overall website.

Optimize WordPress Plugin :

we can manage plugin files how they can load and what file to be loaded at the times.


JavaScripts take longer times to load and sometimes overlap on other css files which results in inaccurate loading of websites.

Load Scripts  on Specific Pages only?

Script remains disabled on pages which you don’t want and only loads where you want them to run.


add_action( 'wp_print_scripts', 'my_deregister_javascript', 100 );

function my_deregister_javascript() {
if ( !is_page('Contact') ) {
wp_deregister_script( 'contact-form-7' );

That’s all .YOU ARE DONE.

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