How to protect your images with .htaccess

protect your genuine images with .htaccess files

Are your images are really genuine and you especially design them with your lot’s of your efforts then it should be protected from getting pirated or used without your permissions.Images give beauty to web posts and pages and can explain every thing without even explanation.Now we are going to protect our images from getting used unnecessarily.

What is with Images?Why to protect them!

soo many people don’t design their images ,which they use in their websites.But this is a common thing and can even show bad effect like google penalty if used much than efficient.I have explained side effect of using images of others on Adsense and how to use genuine images here .

we all know that when we do good seo even our images can get  first  appearance on google images with which soo many people download them and use them in their websites and even some people use them to show images without any efforts by just coping your image url and pasting it behind a word.Now,this is a disadvantage to us because we are getting unnecessary traffic to our websites which are not really needed and even can increase our bounce rate .Now ,the more Bandwidth is consumed and even server gets loaded.This is called image hotlinking in SEO point of view.To over come this type of problem we have to use a special code in our .htaccess file which help only us to link our images from only our website and not from others.As i have  explained in last post about how to make an .htaccess file for all security and privacy of website and we have to use same file and attach some code and upload them again to servers.

How to protect?

Open the .htaccess file which we have created in our last post and just add the below code to that file and at the place of “yourwebsite” replace it with your website address.

 RewriteCond %{HTTP_ REFERER}!^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]

  RewriteRule \. (jpg|jpeg|png|gif|flv|swf) $ – [NC,F,L]

Now save the file as .HTACCESS and upload it to your server with any FTP software.

THAT’S ALL .you are done and you have saved soo much of garbage traffic from consuming your bandwidth and from increasing bounce rate.

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